Social responsibility

2018 is an important year for the transformation and growth of VN-J in general and Procut in particular. We continue to expand our manufacturing market and offer CNC Plasma Cutting Machines and CNC Laser Cutting Machines as well as automated machines and accessory parts globally and take great strides in capturing business opportunities. New in the construction of domestic and foreign production.

VN-J values ​​the corporate culture of “professionalism, integrity, teamwork and innovation” in our commitment. While demonstrating achievement in operations and administration, we are committed to research on advanced technology and the development of technology. We also develop strategies for climate change and pollution prevention to address global carbon reduction issues. In terms of social participation, we build long-term partnerships with all stakeholders to develop and fulfill our social responsibilities.

Building global brand image and enhancing the capacity for sustainable development

Promote green technology and create win for the company and the environment

Build a prosperous and long-term business

Carry out civic responsibility and make the world a better place