Introduction of Procut

Procut specializes in providing cutting machines with sophisticated texture that assure the quality of each cutting product to meet customer requirements from the first use.

We specialize in supplying two main product lines: multi-function port cutter and CNC table cutter. There are also procut accessories and other accompanying products.

  • ProCut is a multi-purpose gateway designed to provide the highest levels of performance and stability, meeting the needs of a wide range of production needs with two oxygen-gas cutting and plasma cutting features. The perfect combination of experience and creativity constantly brings a sophisticated design beyond conventional thinking. ProCut deserves to be an economical and quality choice.
  • High speed, high precision CNC table cutting machines, integrated with plasma cutting systems, produce the best quality cutting products. Compact design includes CNC cutting system, cutting table and smoke exhaust system. Desk cutters are designed to meet the requirements of narrow floor area, fast installation time, easy to operate and use.

We achieved the Procut Brand No. 4-2016-32606 Registered at the Intellectual Property Department of Vietnam on 19/10/2016

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